Valerie Shawl 2020

By Carmela Ann for Crate Crochet

For all subscribers to Classic or Yarnaholic Crates.

Please note ROW 8 of the pattern stated to 'Fan in Centre Ch2-Sp', which was a graphic design, copy and paste typo.  ROW 49only stated US terminology. 

Please find the corrected text in bold and complete pattern row below .  Should we find any other errors they will be posted here.  Thank you.

This Pattern is in UK/US Terms Combine:

ROW 8: 
Ch1 does not count as a stitch. 3 Dc/Sc in first St, 1 Dc/Sc in every stitch and Ch1-Sp to centre Ch2-Sp.  (2 Dc/Sc, Ch2, 2 Dc/Sc) into centre Ch2-Sp. Dc/Sc in every stitch and Ch1-Sp to last St. 3 Dc/Sc into last St.
(64 Sts including Ch Sts)


ROW 49: 
At this point I have 40grams of my last ball remaining.
Ch3, 2 Tr/Dc in same St, 1 Tr/Dc in next St, [Ch1, Sk2, V-St in top of next Tr/Dc, Ch1, Sk2, 1 Tr/Dc in next V-St Ch1-Sp] to last V-St on this side. Ch1, Sk1, 1 V-St in next Ch1-Sp, Ch1, Sk1. (1 Tr/Dc, Ch2, 1 Tr/Dc) all into the centre Ch2-Sp. Ch1, Sk1, 1 V-St in next Ch1-Sp, Ch1, Sk1. [1 Tr/Dc in next V-St Ch1-Sp, Ch1, Sk2, V-St in next Tr/Dc, Ch1, Sk2] to last 2 Sts. 1 Tr/Dc in next St, 3 Tr/Dc in last st. (394 Sts – increase of 10 Sts for this row).